Steps to Build a New Garage

Looking to add some more storage space or make a workshop for yourself?  A new garage can solve these problems for you.  While it is not easy to build a new garage, you can do it yourself with the right tools and preparation.

build a new garage

These steps will make your garage build go smoothly and result in a sound structure that can be used for many purposes.

Make a Plan

You will need to ask yourself the following questions before you start building:

What size garage do you need?

What will the space be used for?

Are you using the space for a car or for a workshop?

What size garage does your city allow you to build? Often you are limited to a certain size of structure if you live within city limits?

Do you want/need windows? If so, how many?

What type of door(s) do you need? How many?

What steps will you build yourself and which parts of the build will you need to subcontract?

Find a Plan

Once you know what size and design type you want to use for your new garage/shop, you will want to pick the actual plans for the build.  Locating a plan is very simple.  Lots of companies specialize in garage plans.

You will need to pick a blueprint that suits your needs and then purchase it from the site.


This type of job is often not a one-person task.  There are parts of the build, such as laying the foundation, that will likely need to be handled by a professional.  A good way to locate a subcontractor is to ask neighbors if they have any suggestions or to read online reviews of local companies.

You will want to get some quotes from various subcontractors before you settle on one.  Once you have selected your subcontractor, be sure to write up an official contract.

Bill of Materials

Once you have hired your subcontractor, you will need to get the bill of materials.  The best thing to do now is to take your design to your local home improvement store.

The employees there should be able to help you get your list of materials.  Once you have assembled all of your supplies, you will be ready to build.

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