Garage Cleaning and Organization Tips

The garage is often the last place in a home that receives attention.  Like any project that has been put off for a long time, the task of cleaning and organizing your garage can seem daunting. This will be especially true if you garage has become a home storage unit over time.  Thankfully, these tips will help you to clean and declutter your garage with a minimum of effort.

garage organization

Did you know that nearly 1/3 of Americans can’t even fit a car into their garage? Additionally, most Americans consider their garages to be cluttered and overfilled with items they are not using any longer.

Start your project by taking everything out of the garage. Organize items by type and by what you plan to keep and not keep. Work on a dry day so that the weather does not confine the space you have for sorting and also to protect items you intend to keep.

What to Do Next?

Clean up. Get rid of dust, debris or spills. Use a microfiber towel or duster to prevent dust from getting into the air and then falling back onto clean surfaces.

Vacuum the floor. Make sure to get to all the hard to reach areas since they are accessible easily right now.

Clean the floors. Use a brush and soap or detergent to remove stains and spills.  A good chemical for tough spills or stains is trisodium phosphate.

What to Do with the Clutter

Donate or sell any items you are not going to keep but don’t want to throw away. Sort what you are keeping so that you can store it readily when you are done in the garage itself.

Use plastic bins, track shelving or metal shelving. Wall-mounted pegs can hold tools or things you need to access frequently. Install closets or cabinets if you have the room and what to keep some items dust-free.

Change Your Lights

If your garage is dark or doesn’t have enough lights to really make the space useable, consider replacing or adding additional lights.

Move Back into the Garage

Now you can move all your stuff back into the garage. Make sure that you have a plan for where you want things to be stored before you start moving back in.

Hire a moving or cleaning company if you think that you need the assistance to get the job done efficiently.

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